5 Ways To Get To Know Your Neighbors In Your Community

Apartment living comes with endless benefits. One of those benefits is having a built-in community right outside your door. There’s always the question of how you can make a good first impression to not only be a respectful neighbor, but a friendly one. However, at times it can be daunting to meet new people. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of five ways to get to know your neighbors in your community.

Use your community’s common areas

One incredible benefit of apartment living is the opportunity to have convenient, on-site amenities right outside your door. This means common areas are not only easier to get to, but easier to find and connect with your neighbors. Utilize the pool area to lounge, hang out and get to know residents who also use that area in their free time. Pavilions are another great area to get to know who you live next to. Everyone loves food! Grill a meal outdoors and share with others for a great way to connect with one another. Your community’s fitness center and pet park are awesome places to find neighbors who share the same interests and hobbies as you. The opportunities in your community are endless!

Random acts of kindness

Kindness goes a long way, especially now more than ever! Random acts of kindness is an incredible way to make a great positive impression. Not only is this something we should all do, but showing your neighbors you care about them can truly instill a sense of true community. Try leaving a kind note on someone’s door, complimenting your neighbor on their outdoor decorations or even making and bringing dinner to a resident in another building. The great thing about showing kindness to those around you is it usually is an action that continues to give. One act of kindness can encourage others to do the same for others!

Deliver baked goods to a neighbor

Cookies are the go-to welcome wagon for a great reason! Baked goods are not only tasty but can easily bring a smile to your neighbor’s face knowing you thought about them! Explain this gesture is to be a friendly neighbor and that’s sure to spark up a genuine conversation and friendship. Whether it’s cookies, homemade bread or brownies, your neighbors are sure to love the kind gesture! Just be sure to let your neighbors know what’s inside the goods in case of allergies.

Help a neighbor move in

We all know that moving can be a pain oftentimes. When moving into a new home in a new place, the move can be tiresome and the transition can extend overtime. Why not lend a helping hand to a neighbor in need? Even just 15 to 30 minutes can be a huge help, and it’s also a great opportunity to introduce yourself. Offering to help can even put your neighbors at ease knowing they have a caring community they’re surrounded by in their new home. These gestures leave lasting impressions and opportunities for future conversations. Who knows, there might come a day you may need help and that same neighbor is ready to lend a hand. When you live in an apartment home, community is always at the core!

Engage in conversation

Saying hello may be a small gesture, but it lets people know you’re friendly and approachable. Those are the characteristics every resident hopes to have in their neighbors! Engaging in conversation may lead you to find out you may have more things in common than you originally thought, or share the same interests! This is a great way to give yourself the opportunity to gain a new perspective or a new friend!

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