Renting: Do I Need a House or an Apartment

Deciding what type of rental you want to live in can be an overwhelming choice. If you’re trying to decide between a rental house or a rental apartment look no further. Here are some things to consider that will help you make your decision.


The biggest factor to consider is how much space you will need. Rental apartments tend to be smaller and have less bedrooms than rental houses. Some things to take into consideration are:

  • Number of people living in the home
  • If you would like room for something like an office, playroom, nursery or guest room.

If you are needing only 1-2 bedrooms then an apartment will suit you just fine. If you are needing more bedrooms then you may want to consider looking at renting a house. 


When you look at renting an apartment you have to consider the accessibility. When renting an apartment you have the drawback of potentially having to use stairs to access your home. This can be bothersome for a variety of reasons including moving in large furniture, carrying groceries, having friends and family be able to access the home and your own access to the home. If you rent a house you may encounter a few steps up to the door but it will be far easier. With a rental house you also may have the luxury of having a garage connected to your home which is great for accessibility. 


Living in a rental apartment often comes with a variety of great amenities. This isn’t always the case for a rental house. Luckily, at South Pointe Apartment & Homes you don’t have to give up amenities by living in a house! Regardless of if you live in one of our luxury rental apartments or one of beautiful rental homes you will have access to our state of the art amenities including the community pool and 24-hour fitness center. 

However, if you think you need an attached garage or would like a fenced yard we suggest looking into a rental house. If you prefer the deck/patio life and a garage isn’t a must we think you’ll be right at home in one of our rental apartments

At South Pointe Apartments & Homes we know everyone’s home needs are different and that’s why we offer six apartment floor plans in both one and two bedrooms as well as seven house floor plans all with three bedrooms. With that many floor plans there’s bound to be one that fits you and your needs. Plus, no matter which one you choose you’ll be in a welcoming community that offers great amenities, professionally landscaped grounds and great neighbors. Give us a call today to find out more, 251-971-3800!

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