Must Have Gadgets for Your Apartment

When settling into your apartment, finding gadgets that optimize your living space is a must. While homes have the luxury of more space, apartment owners have to be more strategic when moving into their space. We are here to help maximize your available square footage. Below we have compiled a list of all the must have gadgets that will take your home’s technology to the next level.

Amazon Alexa

An Amazon Alexa device is the ideal assistant for your home. By syncing your Amazon account, grocery shopping becomes as simple as saying “Alexa, add bananas to my grocery list”. Perhaps you’re going to be hosting your first soiree in your new apartment, just ask Alexa for the perfect dinner party playlist and let her handle the rest. Alexa can also set timers, alarms and give you a Flash Briefing of today’s news from your favorite news outlets as you get ready for the day.


Compact Appliances

In an apartment, smaller appliances are needed to fit in the space available. By opting for compact features, more space within the apartment becomes available for socializing and living. Some examples of classic switches include:

  • Washer/Dryer Combo instead of both appliances
  • Mini Vacuum in lieu of a full body (Roomba)
  • Flat Screen TV in place of a thicker television
  • Toaster oven, so you don’t always have to use your conventional oven.


Smart Lights

By investing in smart light bulbs, like the Philips Hue Smart Lights,  you are evaluating the style of your apartment and saving money. Smart lights can be controlled through the Amazon Alexa or via an app on your phone and can change color and brightness levels – hello, mood lighting! The fully customizable settings allow for timers to automatically control when the lights in your apartment turn on or off. Heading out for the evening? Set the timer and be greeted by the warm light of your home when you return.


Toilet Light

While we are discussing light options, we HIGHLY suggest investing in a toilet light, and yes, we mean a toilet light. These handy motion sensor night lights are perfect for those middle of the night bathroom trips. The motion sensor activates the night light and illuminates the bowl in any color you want. Say goodbye to fumbling for a light switch!


Pull Down Shades

We are all familiar with the standard white blinds. Update your apartment and avoid breaking the bank by purchasing pull-down shades in place of the blinds. These trendy replacements are far more stylish and more effective at blocking the sun. A bonus for residents with pets – no pull strings for cats and dogs to chew! 

Whether you are a first time renter or apartment veteran, these must have gadgets will help elevate your lifestyle!

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