How To Beat Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal allergies are common and can be a real drag on your health and quality of life. But there are things you can do to beat them. Let us tell you some of the best ways to beat seasonal allergies.

Avoid Known Allergens 

Keep away from pollen, mold spores and other airborne irritants. If you know what sets off your allergies, don’t expose yourself to them. This includes avoiding areas where there’s a lot of pollen in the air, such as parks and fields during planting season. 

Use Allergy Medications 

Medications help reduce inflammation in the nose and throat that may cause allergic symptoms such as congestion, sneezing and runny nose. They may also help prevent asthma attacks triggered by allergies. 

Keep Indoor Air Clean 

It’s important to keep your indoor air clean with an air filter that collects pollen particles, mold spores, dust mites and pet dander. Change filters regularly according to manufacturer instructions. If necessary, get an air purifier that uses ultraviolet light to kill germs such as mold spores and bacteria without generating ozone (an irritant). 

Keep Your Home Clean 

Keep your home clean to avoid allergens that may irritate your nasal passages and trigger symptoms. This means avoiding dust mites (found in upholstered furniture), pet dander (from dogs and cats), cockroaches, molds and pollens found outside your home. Vacuum floors weekly using an attachment designed to remove dust mites and clean upholstered furniture at least once a month with a damp cloth; use allergen-proof covers on pillows, mattresses and box springs; wash bedding in hot water weekly. 

Keep Windows Closed 

An easy way to help keep pollen out is by keeping your windows closed. That cool breeze may feel nice, but this can allow pollen, dander or dirt to come in with the breeze leaving invisible residue on your furniture that can cause reactions. 

The more you can help control your seasonal allergy symptoms, the better off you’ll be and the more likely it is you’ll be able to enjoy the glorious weather that can come with allergy season. At South Pointe Apartments & Homes, we’re dedicated to helping make your life (and your seasonal allergies) easier. Enjoy community living by scheduling a tour today!

What Our Residents Have To Say

My boyfriend and I applied for a South Pointe home in the Summer of 2020. Turns out, someone applied for the same house about 30 minutes ahead of us! Sarah and the office staff were very helpful, and processed our application and put it down on the next available house. Me and my boyfriend LOVE the house we live in. We have lived here since August, and have not had a single issue. The houses and neighborhood are both really quiet and kept so clean! I love not having to cut my own grass! They are also pet friendly (which is hard to find). They even plan fun and safe events for neighbors to come together (while practicing social distancing), and enjoy the neighborhood. I can’t wait for it to warm back up so we can enjoy the pool and other great things offered while living here. We plan to stay here for quite some time!

Brelyn James
South Pointe Resident, Google Review

I promised my roommate if we made it through hurricane Sally and got everything back to normal, I’d 5-star this place. The constant updates when there was news, the free meals, and quick clean up . Really this would have been a nightmare without this team. I will never forget their kindness.

Tiger Waffle
South Pointe Resident, Google Review

Moved to Foley about 7 months ago and decided to lease a house at South Point Apartments & Homes. My husband and I couldn’t be happier with our choice. The office staff and maintenance crew are excellent! The location is WONDERFUL! Far enough from the beach to escape that traffic yet just a 15 – 20 minute drive when the ocean ” calls “.After owning for most of our life it’s wonderful to not have any upkeep or yard maintenance as it’s all provided. The saltwater pool, nice clubhouse, dog park and wooded areas all provide nice amenities that are well cared for.

Kate Upchurch
South Pointe Resident, Google Review

I have lived here at South Pointe apartments for almost 3 years. It is the best community and apartment complex I have ever lived in. Not only is it quiet, you are surrounded by trees and other beautiful landscapes. Maintenance is friendly, quick and I trust them to be in my place when I am not. The office is courteous and very helpful (they also love to spoil your pups with treats anytime they see them!) I’m very excited to renew my lease for the fourth time since moving to the area. You won’t find the charm and seclusion in any other complex in Foley.

Janelle Schocke
South Pointe Resident, Google Review

I am beyond impressed with my experience living in the South Pointe Apartment Home community! The ladies in the office go above and beyond in making sure tenants are comfortable and satisfied with their homes. The genuine care and understanding of the staff is something I have never experienced while living in previous apartments. Not to mention the exceptionally well-kept property; from the luscious green grass and the beautiful trees that create the perfect amount of sunshine and shade. The community amenities are spectacular as well; the olympic size saltwater pool, the grassy green fenced in dog park, multiple sidewalks, the well-kept fitness center and even a community garden. To top it off, all the neighbors I have met have been extremely friendly and kind, which is just icing on the cake. South Pointe Apartments stand apart from other apartments in the area; from the beautiful landscape and calm serenity, to the superb amenities and the friendly, caring staff always willing to help. I recommend South Pointe Apartments to anyone looking for a place that they can truly call home.

South Pointe Resident, Google Review