Poolside Safety (In an Apartment Community)

The sun is shining, it’s getting warmer out and that can only mean one thing – It’s pool season! While we love a dip in our Olympic size saltwater pool here at South Pointe Apartments and Homes, we understand that there are safety concerns involved. Here are our tips to have a safe and fun-filled time at the pool.

Adhere to All Posted Rules 

Our amenities are part of the reason why our residents love living in the South Pointe community, and we have rules for use of them to ensure everyone has a fun, safe time. Take note of any posted pool rules, such as if there are specific times you can use the pool and any etiquette you need to abide by. 

Watch Out for Children 

School is about to be out for the summer, so be mindful of children who are using the pool. If you bring children to the pool, stay close to them at all times, even if they are strong swimmers. Along with this, ensure that they don’t run around the pool deck as these areas slippery and they can fall and injure themselves. 

Keep an Eye on Weather 

Weather in the south is finicky – in the blink of an eye, a bright, sunny day can quickly be replaced by an afternoon thunderstorm. Be sure to pay attention to the weather conditions while swimming and leave the pool immediately if you hear or see thunder or lightning. 

Regularly Apply Sunblock 

Summertime in Alabama is notoriously hot. With temperatures rising well above 90°F, it’s important to apply sunscreen before swimming to prevent damaging sunburns. SPF 35 is the minimum coverage that will protect you from the sun, and it is important to reapply every few hours to fully protect your skin. 

Bring a First-Aid Kit 

Stock up your first-aid kit with bandaids for skinned knees and medicine for bee stings, along with any extra supplies you may need. Bring it with you to the pool in case of emergencies. Also be sure to bring your phone with you to the pool in case you need to call for help. Our South Pointe emergency phone is located near the exterior pool bathroom in the case of an emergency. Keep it away from the water or in a waterproof case or container. Be sure to pack a water bottle as well to prevent dehydration. 

Dress Appropriately

Beads and other small buttons on bathing suits can fall off and get caught in the filters. They also present a choking hazard for small children, so be mindful of this when picking out your swimsuit. Don’t wear any jewelry that can get stuck in the vents, and be sure to wear flip-flops or other shoes to protect your feet. 

Be Mindful of the Space 

We all want to enjoy the pool, so be mindful of others when swimming. Keep your area clean, especially since people can trip on the clutter that gets blown around in the wind, and don’t play loud music that can bother others. The pool is a shared space and we all want to have a fun, relaxing time while using it. 

Enjoy the warm weather this summer at South Pointe Apartments and Homes. We value our residents and offer fun amenities such as pools, ping pong tables and a sand volleyball court for your enjoyment. We are located in a prime location at 679 East Michigan Ave. in Foley, Alabama. To schedule a tour of our community give us a call at (251) 971-3800 or visit our website www.southpointeapartmentsandhomes.com.

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