What To Do Before You Leave Your Apartment or Home Over the Holidays

Do you have an exciting trip or family vacation plans this holiday season? If so, it is important to prepare your home or apartment for your extended leave. We will discuss some key actions you should take before you leave, so you can enjoy your break worry-free. When anticipating a trip, it is easy to let crucial tasks go unfinished and preparation beforehand seems like too much unless you have an organized list to go by. Aside from quadruple checking your luggage and destination itinerary or getting your pets to the animal borders, there are a few things you should consider in advance to protect your home or apartment so you can have peace of mind while away.

One of the first things to consider is letting your trusted family, neighbors or property manager know you are leaving so they can monitor your place and belongings. Having an “all’s good” text while you are enjoying yourself can lower any anxiety you potentially could incur if you did not know at all. They can also collect any mail or packages you receive during your absence so you know they are safe and taken care of. The last thing you want to do after returning from a nice, relaxing vacation is walking into a dirty home. It is not the most exciting planning portion of the list, but tidying up and cleaning out the fridge, dishes and trash will feel very rewarding when you get back so you can get right back to focusing on your normal routines again. Cleaning before the vacation isn’t just for your own sanity; it also will prevent possible disasters like stink or fruit flies. When you are frantically cleaning the house and packing your bags, it is easy to forget the obvious things. For instance, the last load of laundry you forgot to put in the dryer. Try to avoid the souring smell or damage to your items by double-checking the washer! 

To save on your energy bill and avoid a possible electric fire, make sure you unplug all the electronics in the house like routers, televisions, computers and unused chargers. If you have a more modern thermostat you should be able to use a “away” feature that will regulate your heating and cooling so you can return to a comfortable home temperature. A good precaution for potential break-ins is putting your outdoor or visible from the road lights on timers or leaving some lamps on. It is pretty simple to upgrade to smart bulbs if you have the time, but regardless you will want to take the curiosity from an intruder. Double check your parking situation and make sure your car is locked with no important belongings whether it is in the closed garage, airport lot or apartment community. Lastly, make sure you check all your windows and doors and make sure they are securely locked, especially the seldom-used ones as they are easily overlooked. These seemingly tedious tasks will be greatly appreciated in the long run when you return from a restful vacation to see that your efforts left your possessions safe and secure (and clean)! 

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