What to do if Your Rental Application is Denied

When you’re looking to rent an apartment one of the most daunting parts can be filling out the rental application and then waiting for it to be approved. When your worst fears come true and your application is denied, what should you do? A denied rental application isn’t the end of the world and it doesn’t mean you can’t rent an apartment. Here are some steps to take if your application gets denied when trying to rent an apartment.

Find Out Why You Were Denied 

If your application was denied it was because you didn’t meet one of the criteria necessary to rent the apartment. Your leasing agent can tell you why the application was denied. Some common reasons for a denied application are: 

  • Not meeting the income requirements 
  • Not having adequate or existing credit
  • Having poor rental history 
  • Not filling out the forms properly 

If one of these things is the reason you were denied it is still possible to rent an apartment, but it will take a little more work on your part. 

If You Don’t Meet Income Requirements 

When renting an apartment you must meet a certain income requirement, meaning your income is a set amount of times more than your rent. This ensures the person renting to you that you can afford to pay your rent. If your income falls short of that requirement, we offer the option to pay your lease in full to be able to rent. You could find a roommate to split rent with or even look at a lower-priced unit. 

If You Don’t Have Adequate Credit or You Have No Credit 

Some people have poor credit but are working to fix it, and others have no credit at all. Having poor or no credit doesn’t mean you’re out of luck when renting an apartment. Ask your leasing office how you can still get an approved application. Sometimes it’s as simple as paying an extra deposit or having a guarantor on your lease. 

If You Have Poor Rental History 

Having poor rental history is a big red flag when renting an apartment, but it doesn’t mean you can’t rent at all. You may have to pay an extra deposit, do some extra paperwork or have someone with good rental history on your lease. Talk with a leasing agent to find out your options, and make sure when you do rent you are paying rent on time and being a good tenant to build a good rental history.

If You Filled Out the Forms Incorrectly 

If you’re an inexperienced renter, you might be confused by the forms and what is required of you. Improperly filled out forms is not the reason you want to be denied a lease on an apartment. If you have questions when filling out the form, talk with your leasing agent. They are happy to help you. 

To avoid having your rental application denied, it is best to be honest about your budget, situation and questions. Leasing agents want to get you into a new home and they hate having to deny your rental application just as much as you do. Read over all the rental criteria before applying and make sure you have all your questions answered before submitting the application. 


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