How to Make your Apartment a Smart Home

Smart homes and smart appliances are all the rage. They make life easier and a little more fun, but when you’re renting you’re limited on what you can change about your apartment. Here are a few renter-friendly ways to make your apartment home a smart home!

Smart Plugs 

While you can’t swap out the sockets in your apartment, you can add smart plugs. These easy-to-use plugs plug straight into the existing socket and you plug your items into them. You can buy single plugs, double plugs and even smart power strips. 

In the bedroom, plug-in items like lamps and televisions for easy on and off from your phone or smart home device. In your living spaces you can plug-in lamps, televisions and gaming systems. In the kitchen utilize your smart plugs for slow cookers, coffee makers and other small appliances. 

Smart Bulbs

Give your home some smart lighting with smart bulbs. Simply swap out your existing bulbs for ones that are compatible with your lamp or light fixture and enjoy. Smart bulbs can often be controlled from your phone and you can change things like the color and hue as well as put them on timers to turn on and off. 

Smart Home Devices

Having a smart home device or system, like an Alexa or a Google Home, will make utilizing your new smart features all that much easier. Set routines and reminders, play music and control your smart plugs all with the sound of your voice. 

Smart TV

Having a smart TV means you will be able to control it from your phone or other devices, connect easily to other items like gaming systems or speakers and have access to a host of entertainment options. 

Small Smart Appliances 

Just because you can’t have a smart fridge or smart stove in your apartment doesn’t mean you can’t have some smart appliances. Look for high-tech gadgets that complement your smart home and allow you to control them from your phone or smart home device. 

In the kitchen, things like toasters, air fryers and coffee machines have come a long way in smart technology. Have a robot vacuum clean up after you! Wireless smart vacuums are perfect for apartments because they can cover the space quickly and they don’t create much noise to bother you or your neighbors

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